Lower Carb Fajitas

I was thinking about my good buddy Peter the other day and how I promised him that I’d make a lower carb version of something so that he could have it. In the ten plus years that Peter and I have been family, I have made this promise multiple times and fall short. Mostly dueContinue reading “Lower Carb Fajitas”

Not your basic Oatmeal

I will be the first to admit that Monday thru Friday Oatmeal is my basic normal work day breakfast. It’s heart healthy, has protein, low calorie and well it can get boring. With so many “bowls” out there now it’s not surprising that people are getting more and more creative with their oatmeal. I’m notContinue reading “Not your basic Oatmeal”

Berry Granola Yogurt Bowl

If you’re like me, busy just doesn’t seem to do my life justice. I am always going. But even in this time of Covid and all the uncertain there is in the world we need a bit of normal. At least, I do. So even though my day job has me working from home, IContinue reading “Berry Granola Yogurt Bowl”