Lower Carb Fajitas

I was thinking about my good buddy Peter the other day and how I promised him that I’d make a lower carb version of something so that he could have it. In the ten plus years that Peter and I have been family, I have made this promise multiple times and fall short. Mostly due to the fact, that most days I just want to force feed Peter biscuits and gravy; I don’t of course but I think real hard about it. So with Peter in mind, I made some Lower Carb Portobella Fajitas. You heard me right, Peter? For the most part mushrooms are really a low carb food, bell peppers too although green bell peppers are the lowest carbs of the peppers. Tortillas……well those are NOT low carb. But I did find an alternative tortilla although you could make these as lettuce wraps if you really wanted to get rid of as many carbs as possible. Let’s talk about what you need to do.

  • Portobello mushrooms – sliced
  • bell peppers – I used red, yellow and orange thin sliced
  • fajita season – you can make this yourself
  • liquid smoke
  • Cassava Flour tortillas
  • Kite Hill sour cream alternative
  • avocado
  • lime
  • little bit of oil

Grab your pan y’all. Add a little oil and your portobellos, fajita seasoning, liquid smoke (just a couple dashes – a little is great, more is too much), and chipotle chili seasoning (for spice). You want the mushrooms to start to get tender and brown a little. Add in your peppers and saute everything together. You can of course add some slices of onions, but by now we know how I feel about them.

Add a little squeeze of lime and a couple tablespoons of water, let everything simmer together and a nice sauce to form. While thats going on, lets get the tortillas ready.

So I found these Cassava Flour tortillas at Whole Foods. They are light, thin and honestly delicious. You want to add a little oil to a non stick pan and crisp up on each side. Be careful, they will break when you go to flip them if you don’t use a gentle hand.

Now assemble. Listen, avocados are good for us but those babies are high in carbs, so you can leave them off. The Kite Hill sour cream however isn’t so bad coming in at 2 carbs. Squeeze a little lime add a little cilantro and enjoy babes.

Here’s to you P. I miss you terribly and once this whole pandemic is over, I’m on the next flight to Michigan to squeeze you tight, plan shenanigans and drink all of our carbs. Love you the most.

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