Not My Mama’s Pot Roast

One of the meals my Mama always made really well was Pot Roast. She’d put it in the crock pot with some potatoes, carrots, onions, a little stock garlic and bay leaf. By the time everyone got home it was pull apart delicious. As an adult, it’s a meal I’ve made frequently. It’s pure comfort. I like to take the potatoes, carrots and onions mash them together with some butter and a little cream or milk and serve it on the side of the roast with a nice salad, adding a little flour to the drippings to make gravy. Y’all so good. Let’s get into shall we?

  • Potatoes -chopped
  • Carrots- chopped
  • garlic- finely diced
  • onions – finely diced
  • No Evil foods Comrade Cluck
  • Liquid aminos
  • seasonings: basil, thyme, oregano, bay leaf, little salt, pepper
  • liquid from a jar of peppers – use your favorite or what you have on hand. I went with some pepperonicini pepper juice.
  • mushroom stock

Chop your vegetables so they are all roughly the same size, and put into your pot. I used my dutch oven for this one because it doesn’t need to cook all day but you can certainly use your crock pot. Add in your No Evil Foods Comrade Cluck and break it up a bit. You’ll notice it as the look of pot roast that has been shredded but still chunky. Add your seasonings, liquid aminos, splash of pepper juice, and your stock, a good splash of wine would be good too. You want to just cover whats in the pot.

Put your lid on, and let simmer for a few hours. You want all your vegetables to be tender. If you’re using your crock pot, I would say put it on low for a couple hours. Just a warning, your house is going to smell delicious.

I decided to serve mine over some polenta slices. You can find this in most grocery stores. Simply slice and put in a pan with some butter and let get golden on each side. This is a great fridge staple.

Once everything is ready, veggies tender, and your liquid has reduced and thickened put your polenta in your plate or bowl and serve your “roast” and veggies over the polenta. Toast up a slice or two of good crusty bread for mopping. Don’t forget your wine, and enjoy!!

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