Grain Bowl Noms

I love good food. I mean seriously, I do. But I also love food that is easy and can be mixed with different things, especially when meal prepping for the week. With just a few ingredients you have a filling meal that is healthy and delicious – win win here babes. So lets get into it.

  • Grains – any type will work but these are my go tos; quinoa, brown rice, farro, and jasmine rice. These are great because a little goes a long way and they can all be mixed together.
  • Roasted Veggies – whatever you like is what you should use, or if there is something you want to try or something you are maybe not so fond of (cough cough broccoli) then roasting them gives it a new flavor. it’s also a great way to use up the things that might not be so pretty anymore. I used, asparagus, broccolini, mushrooms, peppers and brussel sprouts.
  • Dressing- i mean its like a salad you kinda need a little something. especially with the grains. As great as they are, they can be a little dry.
  • Toppings – life is just better with toppings y’all, and it adds some freshness to a cooked dish, try avocados, tomatoes, maybe a sprinkle of parm.

Get your grains going first, they are really going to take the longest out of everything unless you have a rice cooker or use the shortcut microwave packs. I will caution and say that where those packs are a great shortcut you really don’t get to control the flavor you add. Cooking on your own, you are able to cook with stock or broth and fresh herbs or even tossing in some garlic, I mean just about everything is better with garlic and you need to season your food at every level. Also when your grains are just about cooked you can add in other things, spinach, tomatoes, red peppers etc.

Once you get your grains going, preheat your oven at 375. Grab your veggies, seasoning, use what you like best – I tend to like things on the spicy side so I use a lot of chili powders. This is a great time to experiment with seasoning. You’ll also need some oil, I like grapeseed, and a parchment lined baking sheet. clean and wash all your veggies, pat dry and chop up! Drizzle with oil and your seasonings. Put in the oven 375 for about 25 minutes, if you add potatoes you may need to leave them in there just a little longer.


Let’s talk dressing for a quick minute. You can always go with store bought, lord knows I have a multitude in my fridge but you can also make one with just a few ingredients and it all starts with a mason jar. Jar – oil- spices-maybe some red wine vinegar – lid on shake up Italian dressing. Jar -tahini, oil, a little water-spices- lid on shake up Hummus dressing. You get the idea here. I firmly believe fresh is best but hey if its not in your wheel house there is nothing wrong with getting a bottle of your favorite.

Grab a bowl , we’re about to eat y’all. Put some of your grains down first, a little dressing of your choice. Layer your veggies around, drizzle a little more dressing, maybe a sprinkle of parm or your favorite cheese. Grab your fork and dig in. Enjoy y’all.

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