Quick Lunch Leftover Makeover

As a single gal, and as a gal that does not have any idea how to actually cook for one person. I mean seriously if you’ve mastered that skill – teach me your ways!!! Well, until I learn I will always have leftovers in my fridge. I gotta tell ya, I’ve never been the biggest fan of leftovers. Somehow in my mind leftovers equals food that wasn’t good enough to eat the first time around, when in reality it means another to enjoy the noms.

Lets talk lunch. Now when I’m going into the the office every day, I typically meal prep like a fend for the week. But working from home gives me a little more flexibility to not have most of my Sunday spent in the kitchen. Even still, I like my lunch hour to actually you know, eat and maybe relax a bit. Leftovers are perfect for this. For this dish, I took the Spanish White Bean Stew we made the other day and added a bit more vegetable stock to it; making it more of a soup. Now a few things go really well with soup, right? I went with a nice green salad. Nothing fancy, ( I mean we CAN make it fancy) Heres what we need to nom:

  • For the soup: Spanish White Bean Stew and Vegetable broth or stock.
  • For the salad: I like hearty greens, spinach, kale, arugula, char….but you pick your favorites.
    • cucumber
    • cherry tomatoes
    • dried cranberries (okay maybe i got a little fancy)
    • Croutons – I’ve mentioned Kelly’s Croutons before and seriously order yourself a bag. you won’t regret it ( in case you need it, kellycroutons.com
    • Bacon bits – I used Frontier Vegetarian Bits- Bac’uns from Whole Foods
    • Sprinkle of Kelly’s Cheesy Parm – use your favorite cheese
    • Dressing of choice

Okay so take your stew and broth in a pot and let heat through. While that’s happening make your salad. Wash your greens. Spin dry them to removed extra water. If you don’t have a salad spinner blotting with some paper towels. Dress your greens. Yup you heard me, add your dressing to your greens only. Trust me on this, I wouldn’t misled ya. Chop up your cucs and tomatoes. At this point, your soup should be hot. Put in a bowl and add to a plate. On the side of the bowl add your dressed greens, top with your chopped veggies, cranberries, croutons, bac’uns and cheese. You can really add anything to this salad. Any veggies that you have in the fridge will be great and if you need a little extra dressing (because some days require, extra dressing) then top it off! Remember colorful food is happy food and happy food makes us want to eat. A piece of crusty bread would be great here too or even a simple sandwich. It’s your lunch break – do what makes you happy. Grab a glass of sparkling water over ice and enjoy!!!

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